Are There Any Local Rebates or Incentives for Installing Attic Insulation in Broward County, FL?

Homeowners are aware that making structural improvements to their homes can help reduce energy costs. Common upgrades include adding insulation and shade to the attic or replacing old, inefficient windows. These changes can reduce the demand for a home's HVAC systems, allowing for smaller, more efficient units to achieve the same level of comfort. Additionally, these renovations often qualify for loan programs that focus on residential energy efficiency. In addition to insulation and window upgrades, other structural incentives are available.

Weatherstripping and sealants are often gifted to reduce air exchange between the house and the outside, reducing drafts in the conditioned space and decreasing the need for heating and air conditioning. Eligible measures include insulation improvements, solar window screens, duct repairs, cooling products for roofs, air conditioners, heat pumps and solar attic fans. The Targeted Jobs Incentive Fund (TJIF) also provides financial incentives to certain industries, such as solar thermal and photovoltaic manufacturing, installation and repair companies that are moving to or expanding in Miami-Dade County. Unfortunately, these offers are only available for existing homes and facilities - not for new construction. This ordinance is designed to promote the health, safety and general well-being of citizens by eliminating barriers to the installation of alternative energy systems and encouraging the installation of solar photovoltaic systems on rooftops.

The proposed solar system must meet the specifications of the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) and be installed by a contractor certified to install solar water heating systems by the Building Industry Licensing Board of the Florida Department of Professional Regulation. Broward County now offers Go SOLAR* online permits for obtaining permits for rooftop solar photovoltaic systems.

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