How Long Does it Take to Install Attic Insulation in Broward County, FL?

When it comes to home construction, current best practices generally suggest an R-30 to R-38 for attic insulation in Broward County, FL. To ensure that the heat produced by your system does not escape to the outside environment and stay inside, AttiClean's team of expert technicians use advanced, affordable and energy efficient solutions to install or remove attic insulation. The choice of insulation depends on the space available, the apparent density of the materials (weight by volume) so that the ceilings do not sink with the additional weight, the ease of access to the space, the money you can spend, how easy it would be to replace the insulation if you had a leak in the ceiling or wall, and whether you are building a new house or improving an existing one. It is important to make sure that the roof or walls can support any additional weight due to the additional insulation before installation. It is also important to understand that how insulation is installed is almost as important as its R value.

You can measure the thickness of the attic insulation with a ruler and multiply the number of inches by the R-value of that particular insulation to get an insulation rating. If you are unsure what type of insulation already exists in your home, take a sample to an insulation expert. For those who are concerned about misleading advertising, improper installation, and other issues related to insulation, there is a Federal Trade Commission standard designed to protect them (Title 16, Business Practices, Part 460, Labeling and Advertising of Home Insulation).Finally, it is worth turning to professional services for uninstalling and installing attic insulation because the job is done right the first time. In two-story houses, floor beams are not always sealed from adjacent attic spaces rather than single-story spaces and attic air is right next to the roof. Attic insulation is critical because more heat passes per square foot through the roof than in any other structure in a home.

If someone has old insulation in their attic and wants to remove it, they should contact a professional today. This resistance, or R-value, refers to the performance of the insulation by measuring the resistance to heat flowing through the insulation over time. In addition, the overall R-value of a wall or roof will be somewhat different from the R-value of the insulation itself, as some of the heat flows around the insulation through studs and beams in wooden or steel structures (thermal bridges).

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