Which Insulation is Best for Attic Installation in Broward County, FL?

The debate between blown-in and batt insulation for attic installation in Broward County, FL is a common one. Homeowners often ask which type of insulation is better for their attic and the answer depends on the desired functionality of the space, the future goals of the attic, and the current position of the attic. Blown insulation is more consistent and easier to install than block type insulation, which requires manual cutting, rolling, and placement on walls. It is also more expensive than block type insulation.

Blown insulation consists mainly of recycled materials such as cellulose and fiberglass, which can easily fit into narrow, oddly shaped areas to better insulate those areas. Cellulose chargers and reddens, and then turns black when it comes into contact with fire, but it doesn't catch fire or spread fire anywhere. Block insulation was first developed in the 1930s and became popular in the 1950s. The EPA estimates that the average homeowner saves approximately 15% on their cooling and heating costs simply by adding quality insulation to their attics and cramped spaces. Block insulation has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that must be thoroughly reviewed before making a decision. When it comes to insulating an attic, homeowners must consider both blown-in and batt insulation options.

Blown insulation offers better heat flow management, easier installation, and is more environmentally friendly than block type insulation. However, block type insulation is more cost effective and can be used in oddly shaped areas. Ultimately, homeowners must weigh their options carefully before making a decision. Blow insulation can perform up to 22% better than certain types of block insulation with the same R value. An “R” value of 60 is the recommended insulation level to achieve maximum energy efficiency in most attics.

Insulating the attic is also a great way to prevent gradual damage to the home due to heat build-up, which can cause shingles to swell and plywood to soften or water vapor to seep in. Current energy standards recommend installing the first layer of artisanally coated fiberglass slats (moisture barrier) in the attic. When deciding between blown-in and batt insulation for attic installation in Broward County, FL, homeowners should consider their budget, desired functionality of the space, future goals for the attic, current position of the attic, heat flow management needs, ease of installation, environmental friendliness, cost effectiveness, and ability to fit into oddly shaped areas. Weighing all these factors carefully will help homeowners make an informed decision that best suits their needs.

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